Larger social networks associated with higher wellbeing

Spending time with more friends and family may improve your wellbeing .


What is the relationship between the size of one’s social network and their psychological wellbeing?

What was done?

314 community-dwelling older adults (aged 61-71) completed questionnaires asking them to list the names of persons they often contact and are important to them. The number of names was regarded as the size of one’s social network. Participants were also asked about their wellbeing and the level social support they felt they received.

What was found?

Larger social networks were assocated with higher levels of wellbeing.

How does this affect me?

Increasing your social network may improve your psychological wellbeing.

Article Abstract

The current study examined the impact of size of social network on subjective well-being of elderly, mainly focused on confirmation of the mediator role of perceived social support. The results revealed that both size of social network and perceived social support were significantly correlated with subjective well-being. Structural equation modeling indicated that perceived social support partially mediated size of social network to subjective well-being. The final model also revealed significant both paths from size of social network to subjective well-being through perceived social support. The findings extended prior researches and provided valuable evidence on how to promote mental health of the elderly.

Link to full article.

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