Welcome to Healthy Age Inc

At Healthy Age Inc we aim to inform and empower you to age well. This is accomplished by providing cutting-edge scientific evidence from our consortium of experts in a format that is easily digested and actionable. We trawl through thousands of articles each day to find the pieces of research that are relevant to you and your personal ageing process. In an age where so-called “gurus” make outrageous and baseless claims in order to sell products, we have collected the best and brightest minds in the field of ageing research to make scientifically robust research accessible, meaningful and applicable to you.


The purpose of the Healthy Age Inc is to bridge the gap between academic research and you. The best form of evidence is peer-reviewed research; however, these studies are largely inaccessible, hard to interpret and are usually unpleasantly dry reading material. In this blog our consortium of experts will synthesise these data into meaningful, actionable bits of information that you can apply to your daily life. Each day articles on new topics will be spotlighted and conveyed via this website.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog and join our emailing list to keep up to date with how you can start living happier longer.

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